Here are some tips:

Want your design to be purchased faster?
  1. Create a unique, easily adaptive design

PACKABA only accepts original works, and recommends you to offer designs that can be easily adaptated to different sizes.

2. Use free fonts

Take only free fonts and do not curve texts!

3. Create only original illustrations

Of course, you can use some material from stock, but it can only be used as one of the elements of design composition that makes the design an original creation. We do not consider the background with a space for text an original design!

4. Submit the designs properly

Send files in JPG format, RGB color encoding and attach an open file.

5. You give us design - we give you a contract! 

When the design submitted is approved to be posted  - we sign the contract with you.

6. Get paid for the purchaced design 

Once your design is purchaced – you give your part of it, too.

Any further questions? Or maybe you've already got a label or packaging design to offer? Contact us or fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.

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Great! PACKABA is an open source platform that can bring the user and the designer together. Share your design solutions for labels or packaging, and get paid each time it's purchased.

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